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Commencement 2017

A "beautiful sorrow" describes the feeling on Commencement Day when St. Luke's faculty, friends and families gather to celebrate its graduating class.

...I see my friends here before me, and I feel a deep sense of gratitude as I am flooded with memories of the times we’ve...

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Celebrating Service

Article about Service

...let them be sure that every little deed counts, that every word has power, and that we can—everyone—do our share to...

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Lessons from Penn State

SLS Head of School Mark Davis shares a letter from alumnus Drew Lord '14, written in response to the recent charges against Penn State and 18 of its students.

Early this month, 18 fraternity brothers were charged in the death of a young man. He died during a drunken “pledge...
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Taking the Lead on Mindfulness

St. Luke's Head of School Mark Davis takes the lead on bringing mindfulness in education to the forefront with the first Mindfulness in Education Conference.

Just over a year ago, I wrote this blog post about the benefits of mindfulness. I was fairly new to meditation and yoga but...

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Truly Exceptional: St. Luke's Scholars Symposium

Head of School Mark Davis on how St. Luke's School's Scholars Symposium is a prime example of deeper learning and a truly exceptional educational experience.

“If Blues Band is the day in the fall when I feel most happy and proud of our community, the Scholars Symposium is that...

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Human Connection

Head of School Mark Davis and guest Max Grant share thoughts on human and spiritual connection and raised provocative questions about connecting as a community.

 Heading into break (with a bonus snow day) is the perfect time to remind ourselves to create time and spaces to be present...

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Commitment to Serve: Alumna Megan Evershed

Interview with St. Luke's School alumna Megan Evershed. Megan lives the St. Luke's mission through her commitment to serve Syrian refugees in France.

 When St. Luke’s World Language Chair Jon Shee discovered alumna Megan Evershed ‘15 was teaching French to refugees—in...

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Coding as Art

St. Luke's eighth graders Jack Briggs and Liam Patty coding as a modern form of art that requires imagination and creativity to bring the internet to life.

Eighth graders, Jack Briggs and Liam Patty recently approached their art teacher Haley Wulfman to make a case. The two...
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Choosing a private school or even determining if private school is the right choice for your child can be a daunting process. Getting your specific questions answered directly by an Admissions team with years of experience may save you time researching.




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