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A Curious Talk About A Wildly Different Tool: St. Luke’s School Embraces Emerging Technologies

The New Canaan Library audience sat riveted as a conversation about using generative AI in education unfolded. Conducted by ...

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Prepare to Thrive in High School: Four Skills to Build in Middle School

We know that students experience dramatic growth and change as they make their way through secondary school. Personal freedoms...

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We See As We Are

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Building a Community Around Books

“I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.”

—J.K. Rowling

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How Not To Lose Your Mind (Or Morals) Over College Admissions

Just a few days after the FBI arrested fifty people in the college admissions bribery scandal, Harvard University’s Making...

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Launching Young Children into a Lifetime Love of Learning

I am always asking myself, our faculty, and families the same question: How can we best support our children as they grow and...

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Student Leadership: What's Holding You Back?

David Pakman's Lunch & Lead

We’ve had many fascinating Lunch & Lead speakers but never one who had us lay face down on the...

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