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Jason Giffen: Director of Enrollment Management

Jason is a 20-year veteran of both independent day and boarding schools focusing on admissions and enrollment throughout his career. As the son of two educators, Jason grew up on a boarding school campus. He enjoys the rhythms of school life and is a frequent spectator at sporting events and school productions. Jason and his wife, Lizzy, also an educator, have two boys, Wyatt and Tucker, and a yellow lab, Lex.

The Best Private School Essays

How does a student write the perfect essay? You don’t! The goal is not perfection. Being in the admissions field for more than...

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Private School: Five Interview Tips

What is it like to interview at a private school? Good news: There is nothing to fear! Though the idea of being interviewed can...

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Parent Perspective: The Private School Experience

The most powerful tool our Admissions team has is our ears. Parents are not shy about expressing their hopes, dreams, and...

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Private School: Find the Right Fit

Finding the right school for your family can seem like an overwhelming task, especially if you are considering private school...

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