David Pakman's Lunch & Lead

We’ve had many fascinating Lunch & Lead speakers but never one who had us lay face down on the floor. David Pakman, Partner at Venrock and co-founder of Apple Music Group recently had his standing-room-only Lunch & Lead crowd spread across the floor attempting to hold plank position for as long as possible.

Pakman was illustrating the central message of his talk—our brains will often tell us to give up (in this case collapse), when in reality we are capable of much more.

“My only piece of wisdom that I think is worth passing on to you is that your mind is what’s holding you back from doing anything you want to do.”

David is a St. Luke's parent, trustee,  member of St. Luke's Center for Leadership Advisory Council and was a student mentor for the CFL's  Leadership Lab: The Power of Brand.

Enjoy David’s Lunch & Lead video below:

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Leadership with David Pakman

 Lunch & Lead David Pakman

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