The students—veterans of the St. Luke’s student Social Justice Leadership Summit—set the stage for us. Their videotaped images and words (see below created with help from TE( A )CH) welcomed all to the first parent Social Justice Leadership Summit. “Be open-minded,” they advised the adults.  Further counsel to “listen to each other,” “be vulnerable,” and “buckle up!” set us on our way for a few hours of work in diversity, equity, and inclusion.



It was a powerful afternoon as we explored the identities in our community, considered issues of privilege, and confronted some of the assumptions that we may make about each other or the assumptions that we feel imposed upon us.

"I was grateful to return from my sabbatical in time for our first SJLS for parents,” said Head of School Mark Davis. “This allowed me to immediately reconnect with 30 parents and colleagues. We did some hard work together and left still struggling with tough questions—but we showed up and listened to one another. That alone gives me great hope.”

Together we waded into the sometimes murky water of vulnerability and honesty as we confronted some uncomfortable topics. People in diversity work commonly talk about “leaning into discomfort,” and that was part of the experience at our SJLS. Participants opened up to each other and spoke about experiences some of which were quite painful. I was overwhelmed by the expressions of care for one another demonstrated by the parents and faculty members who were there.

...when we work from our heart space, we can co-create a community in which every person knows they belong.”       

- SLS Parent Stacey Boggs

Caring happened through attentive and non-judgmental listening. It happened through patient observation and thoughtful participation. It happened through shared laughter and tears, through community strength and vulnerability.

Stacey Boggs, parent of Jada ‘19 and JB ‘15, summed it up beautifully: “The parent SJLS was massively transformative for me.  The workshop offered multiple opportunities to self-reflect and connect with SLS family members across various dimensions of identity.  It reminded me that when we work from our heart space, we can co-create a community in which every person knows they belong.”  


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