"... I find cheesemaking to be a lot like leading a school. The boys locker room? Brevicaterium—sloppy, smelly but often with charming results. And you overachieving, AP taking, honor roll straight A’s? You’re really nothing more than thermophilic--you thrive under heat and pressure while you others, sneaking in a few rounds of Fortnite instead of finishing that history paper?--mesophilic--a lot of fun, can’t take a lot of heat--you can be incredibly frustrating to us as parents but you’re also delightful when spread over a good baguette. Seriously--I look out here and see lots and lots of bacteria--you’re all beautiful on your own but really interesting when you interact with one another." 

Watch/Listen to the full Meditation below...



Julia Gabriele Meditation: "What's Your Cheese?" from St. Luke's School on Vimeo.


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