Knowing how to study efficiently and effectively is a key difference between people who achieve their academic goals and those who don't. Some students seem to take to studying without much effort, while others find sitting still, focusing and delaying gratification next to impossible.

Wherever one falls on the study spectrum, there are foundational practices that may vastly improve  comprehension and performance. These include creating an environment conducive to studying, planning ahead, establishing a routine, minimizing distractions, and the tried and true rewriting of class notes.

These tips are explored in the downloadable guide below.

 Studying—like most challenges—is something you can get better and better at with some planning and perseverance. If you are not the student you want to be yet, these tips can help you reach your goals.

St. Luke's students can get more study advice and resources via St. Luke's Education Support Services.


Families new to St. Luke's can use the button below to download the guide. If you are a St. Luke's family, go to the Resource Board to access guide.

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