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A Panel of Experts: College Sports Recruitment

Join us on St. Luke's Hilltop for a College Recruiting Info Night to learn from experts on college athletic recruitment process. Q&A will follow.

For high school student-athletes, an important part of the college application process is understanding how athletic...

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College Recruiting: What Coaches Want

A top coach provides insider tips on what college coaches look for in student athletes. Gain invaluable insights re: college sports recruiting.

It may be every high school athlete’s dream, but getting recruited to a college team will be reality for a select few....

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5 Reasons Student Athletes Should Diversify

Head of School Mark Davis shares 5 important reasons student athletes should play multiple sports.

Baseball was my true love as a kid, but I have great memories of playing hockey and soccer too, and loved cheering on my own...

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5 Things To Make You Smarter This Summer

No need to fear summer "brain-drain" with these 5 things families can do to keep our minds sharp.

With summer in full swing, it’s hard not to look ahead to a new school year. Will our children be ready? Will we be ready?...

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St. Luke's School Admissions Team
Considering private school but wish you could ask questions before applying? 

Choosing a private school or even determining if private school is the right choice for your child can be a daunting process. Getting your specific questions answered directly by an Admissions team with years of experience may save you time researching.




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