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Jim Foley: Asst. Head of School for Leadership & Innovation

Jim is the Assistant Head of School for Leadership & Innovation at St. Luke’s where he’s been a teacher, coach and administrator since 2000. In his role, Jim is responsible for attracting and retaining exceptional employees, and fostering an environment where top educators can thrive.
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Why Every American Should Take a Cross-Country Road Trip

 "I hope every one of you at some point in your life, and preferably while you are young, makes a point of taking a...

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Three Ways Schools Can Build Confidence

A group of ten year olds earnestly discusses whose life they will affect—the young woman in Indonesia whose village needs...

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St. Luke's School Admissions Team
Considering private school but wish you could ask questions before applying? 

Choosing a private school or even determining if private school is the right choice for your child can be a daunting process. Getting your specific questions answered directly by an Admissions team with years of experience may save you time researching.




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