Yesterday, I spoke with St. Luke’s students about vaping.  (Scroll Down for Video)  It was just hours after many of us listened, almost numb, to the news of yet another school shooting. I had to wonder if this talk was appropriate given the horror that had just taken place.

Then, a New Canaan police officer arrived on campus. He explained that he just wanted to be a reassuring presence. His compassion and sense of community helped me to make my decision. We gathered our students, had a moment of silence, and then I proceeded with the talk.                    

That caring officer reminded me that the answer to violence and sadness is to care for each other. The best response to destruction is reinforcing goodness and kindness.

Yesterday I spoke with our children about vaping because we care deeply about their lives. We began with 7th-12th grades, and next week, I’ll have a modified talk with our youngest students in grades 5 and 6. 


St. Luke’s Head of School Mark Davis Shares Facts About Teen Vaping


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 St. Luke’s is a private, secular (non-religious) independent school in New Canaan, CT serving grades 5-12. St. Luke’s mission: An exceptional education that inspires a deep love of learning, a strong moral compass, the commitment to serve, and the confidence to lead. 


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